New England

No meetings to attend... just Fun Things to Do... for you and your guests!

OTL Seat Fillers from the greater Boston area and throughout Connecticut receive Free Show Tickets to Music, Theater, Comedy & more

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Exactly HOW does OTL work?

How do OTL Members receive Free Show Tickets to everything they reserve?

1. SOMETIMES THEATERS HAVE UNSOLD SEATS - OTL's entertainment partners (Music Venues, Theaters, Comedy Clubs & other shows) sometimes have open seats that they would like to have filled.

2. THESE ENTERTAINMENT PARTNERS PRIVATELY OFFER THESE UNSOLD SEATS TO OTL - and these tickets are then made available for OTL members to reserve. It doesn't matter how much the ticket costs, OTL members never pay for individual tickets. They only pay their membership dues. The theater makes the tickets complimentary to members in exchange for filling in those empty seats. Meaning, the tickets are free but members must attend everything they opt to reserve.

3. WHEN A SHOW POPS UP THAT OTL MEMBERS WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND, THEY MAKE THEIR ONLINE RESERVATION IN THE MEMBER AREA AND THEN PICK UP THEIR COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS AT THE BOX OFFICE JUST BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS - Members simply show their ID as their names are on the Will Call Reservation List. No coupons to print or present - just a flash of an ID and say "I'm On the List". All tickets for members are 100% complimentary and range anywhere from $5 per ticket up to $50 or more. The average regular ticket price is around $20 each for the general public - always $0 for On the List members.

4. SHOW AVAILABILITY DEPENDS UPON THE NEEDS OF THE THEATERS- At times there could be multiple shows to choose from and other times there may not be any tickets available. That's why Membership Dues is soooo low. We never know what's coming up. But we DO know that members have been introduced to a wide variety of Fun Things to Do and have received great value from being an OTL Seat Filler Member by invitation to at least one show per month. Still want to know more? Watch our quick three minute video.

OTL New England is currently closed to new members but, add your email to our list and we'll give you a heads up when the status changes.