A quick guide to beating your entertainment budget and filling up your social calendar again

how can i score free tickets, free movie tickets, how can i get free tickets, otl comp ticket underground, on the list, worldwide seats, free tickets, comp tickets, free movie ticketsDo you remember the first concert you ever attended?...  The first play you saw?  How about the first symphony, ballet or other live performance?  For most of us, these types of experiences are permanently ingrained in our memories.  Much more so than a TV show you watched last month or winning a level on your latest video game challenge (although it is exciting to crush those candies!).

People need live interaction and Arts & Entertainment is such an important part of our society.  However, as times have changed and wallets have tightened, taking your family to the theater may now be a movie rental or planning regular girls nights out have been resigned to the best happy hour in the area.  Your dating regimen may be the standard drinks and dinner.

What's needed?  Some cool unique ideas and free event sources!

We've compiled a few of these resources and tips so you can experience a wide variety of fun activities and events in your community.  Dazzle your first date with your creativity, treat your friends to free music tickets and get your family out and about again - all keeping you well under your entertainment budget.

Free Movie Tickets

Sites like GetScreening and AdvanceScreenings have all kinds of promotions, free ticket contests and other movie-related opportunities. FoxSearchlightScreenings is a great one - allowing you to sign up and receive alerts when free movie tickets are available in your location.

Free Classes, Activities, etc.

We're going to defer to a great article on The Simple Dollar that outlines 100 free things to do. Not everything is a free "event".  However, there are some great ideas like:

  • #92 - Attend a free community class.  Home Depot is mentioned, but we've found other stores like Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods (not free at Whole Foods, but they have great kids classes starting at just $5) also offer classes all across the country.
  • #3 - Get involved in Community Sports or
  • #16 - Organize a Walking Tour may also be to your liking

Organization Discounts

Living in a certain city, member of the military, veterans, seniors, teachers...  Google your group and see what's out there just for you.  A few we've come across..

  • Military - The Veterans Ticket Foundation has a Tickets for Troops program
  • Teachers - There are various discounts and free tickets available depending on your hometown resources.  Visit Brad's Deals blog for more listings.
  • Locals Only - If you live in a vacation destination like Las Vegas, discounts for locals abound.  They may not be free opportunities but greatly discounted.  Even in other cities across the country, you'll find local deals at venues like museums, art galleries, theme parks and state parks.

Daily Deals

Sites such as LivingSocial, AmazonLocal, nCrowd, Groupon, Zozi, Deal Chicken and more.. have so many amazing opportunities for entertainment specials.  Sign up for the "entertainment" category and let the deals come to you.
Now of course our free event guide certainly wouldn't be complete without mentioning both event sites offered by Worldwide Seats and OTL the Comp Ticket Underground.  We think it's a pretty cool concept and our members and partners do too!

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Not just for award shows anymore... Join OTL and then pay nothing else.  Nada, zero, nothing.  You're on the Comp List for the entire year!  Selections are based upon partners' ticket availability but, again, we're not a ticket broker.  For discounted tickets, you're better off visiting a Goldstar or TicketMaster.  But, for Free Tickets to Ticketed Events and the opportunity to be introduced to a wide variety of entertainment (some you probably weren't even aware of), OTL is the membership for you.  Talk about big bang for your buck - one Denver member attended 84 events in 2013 alone.  Two seats per event - $4500+ in ticket value.  What did she pay?  $89 total!
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Free & Charity Events - our OTL sister site

Whereas OTL can only offer members events with a ticket cost associated, we've recently launched "Free & Charity Event" sites - free to post, free to access... solely free and charity events in your community.


Your next fun night out could simply be a click away.  Get out and make some memories... no credit card required.


PS - We'd love to post a follow up with even more free and discount ticket resources.  If you have contributions, please email us at info@onthelistaustin.com.