New England Area Show Promoters... Fill those seats for your incredible performances!!


Seat Filling with OTL England Club Members (primarily Boston and throughout Connecticut) AND/OR Post your Shows to the area-wide Community Events Calendar

OTL is a partner of the New England Arts & Entertainment Community and never charges for any service provided to shows and event promoters.

Q: Need some seats filled or want to introduce new patrons to your awesome venue and performances?
A: Visit OTL's dedicated promoter site and submit the information for your show(s) and the number of tickets you'd like to issue. OTL will privately promote to members, fill a Will Call List, and send it to your Box Office.

Q: Do you want to post your show information to the Community Events Calendar?

A: Post your show on our Community Events Calendar powered by Spingo. Your show will appear on all Spingo calendars throughout the area.