Try and try as we may... we still have yet to convey... OTL the Comp Ticket Underground is Free Tickets for Ticketed Events


Like Netflix but for Live Events... Monthly Subscriptions are $9.95/£10.95 a month for a two seat membership and then members pay nothing. They have a month's worth events they can pick and choose from AND they're on the Comp List. Meaning they make a reservation and then show their ID at the Box Office to pick up tickets. That's it. No fees, charges, upcharges, ticket printing costs.. nothing, nada, never...

So, if you like to go out and you like theatre or music or comedy or dance, festivals, lectures, sports... basically any hidden gem in your community, what are you waiting for?


So, in answer to the question "After I pay my $9.95/£10.95 this month, how much are tickets?" We say again... Your Tickets are Free! Have fun with it! You don't have to worry about your budget.